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Shark Sense VR

The Shark Sense VR exhibit lets users dive into the experience of hunting as a shark. Using virtual reality technology users are immersed in an interactive environment which provides audio, visual as well as sensory feedback that guides the experience wile educating users on the senses that sharks use to find their prey underwater. The exhibit is designed for museums and science centers. Due to the VR unit being housed inside a shark-head-structure users are able to self-manage their VR experience without the hassle of wires or the need for staff.

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River of Grass

The River of Grass is a large room stuffed from floor to ceiling with tech to give kids and parents the experience of a fully animated interactive day in the Everglades, Florida’s precious wetland area. Using 16 HD projectors, directional audio and 7 networked motion tracking sensors, visitors become part of a life-sized immersive exhibit as they move and play with a host of different animals. Targeted at preschool children, visitors can chase the otter, swat mosquitos, and dam up rivers with artificial logs. When night falls they search for the elusive Florida panther using virtual torches.

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TTMM for Fitbit

The TTMM is collection of 21 clock faces dedicated for Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic smartwatches. Clock faces have complications settings just with a simple tap on screen. This makes them very fast and easy to customize color, design preset and complications to user preferences. It is inspired with movies like Blade Runner and Twin Peaks series.

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The WikiArt APP aims to represent a unique interface that gives user brand new experience when they searching for artworks. The database has clearly visual layout, the user flow is easy to learn by new users, more additional, WikiArt is building the dictionary of artwork that from all over the world.

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Magic Morror

The aim was to design an app that help user know more things about themselves that they were not aware of before, helping them get more familiar with themselves. In order to achieve this goal, the application visualises their emotions and gives an overview of things they have been writing about in diary entries and how they feel about them.

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Tele Echo Tube

Tele Echo Tube (TET) is a speaking tube installation that acoustically interacts with a deep mountain echo through the lampshade-like interface. TET allows users to interact with the mountain ECHO, Mr. Yamabiko in real time through an augmented echo sounding experience with the vibration over satellite data network. This novel interactive system can create an imaginable presence of the mythological creature in the undeveloped natural location beyond our cultural and imaginable boundaries.

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