Shaw Contract Group Atlanta Showroom by Perkins + Will

Perkins + Will Portrays The Shaw Contract Group Atlanta Showroom Showroom + Office

PERKINS + WILL , the author of the displayed work Showroom + Office:Shaw Contract Group Atlanta Showroom by PERKINS + WILL demonstrates, Awaken Your Senses! Each element in the flooring showroom is designed to be thought-provoking, sculptural & <Cropped>

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David Lee's Back to Wonderful Time Public Space

David Lee Exhibits The Back to Wonderful Time Public Space

David Lee, the creator of the highlighted work Back to Wonderful Time by David Lee demonstrates, The project is the public space of a congregate housing. The building exterior has an Art Deco expression. The basic vocabulary and spirit is extended to <Cropped>

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Kanzashi Flower Mizuhiki Jewelry by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi Flower Jewelry Is a New Jewelry Collection by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi flower jewelry is a new jewelry collection by Asuka Saito, San Francisco-based jewelry designer. The unique feature of these design is that those jewelry are created by arranging Japanese traditional technique, Tsumami zaiku, to make Kanzash <Cropped>

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Dylan Falecki-Vertical Furniture #45696

At Design Interviews

Interview with Dylan Falecki : Frank Scott: What are your future plans for this award winning design?. Dylan Falecki : The primary goal for the future is to export the idea whether we make the furniture here in Australia or we license the concept <Cropped>

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Ali Alavi's Aida Desk Lamp

Ali Alavi Portrays The Aida Desk Lamp

Ali Alavi, the maker of the displayed project desk lamp by Ali Alavi illustrates, Personally , I draw inspiration from animals in nature and in most of my designs I prefer to deploy natural forms rather than using geometric forms. Desk lamp is one <Cropped>

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More_light-Modular Interior Design System by Giorgio Caporaso

Giorgio Caporaso Illustrates The More_light Modular Interior Design System

Giorgio Caporaso, the author of the displayed work Award Winning More_Light Modular interior design system demonstrates, A modular system assemblable, disassemblable and eco-sustainable. More_Light has a green soul and is very easy to use. Innovative <Cropped>

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Office:keiun Building by Kensuke Aisaka

Kensuke Aisaka Shows The Keiun Building Office

Kensuke Aisaka, the lead designer of the highlighted design Kensuke Aisaka's KEIUN BUILDING Office spells out, This is a four-storied multi-tenant building on a narrow site located. Special attention was given to insolation to sunlight and eyes <Cropped>

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Lamp:infinity by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Infinity Lamp

The creator of the awarded design Award Winning infinity lamp says, “infinity” is a concept joined to a lighting “body” that refers to use and function of brick. it will be possible to build what ever you want, starting from “mother” bric <Cropped>

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Chih Kang Chu-Fangsuo Bookstore

At Design Interviews

Interview with Chih Kang Chu : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Chih Kang Chu : Chu’s initial proposal was centered around “The Secret Scripture Library”. Scripture libraries have been found aro <Cropped>

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Award Winning Boletus Coffee Table

Graham Hepburn Discloses The Boletus Coffee Table

Graham Hepburn, the designer of the displayed design Coffee Table by Graham Hepburn explicates, The Boletus coffee table was conceived as a piece of functional sculpture. The implausibly slender base and expansive top are intended to appear surreal i <Cropped>

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