Madeira by Rado Iliev

Rado Iliev Exhibits The Madeira Residence

Rado Iliev, the author of the displayed project Madeira - Residence by Rado Iliev explains, Redesign and Reconstruction of a House in Bromley, South-East London. The new design provides extra space and a better quality residence that interacts with t <Cropped>

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Brochure:nissan X-Trail by E-Graphics Communications

E-Graphics Communications Portrays The Nissan X-Trail Brochure

E-graphics communications, the designer of the displayed design Nissan X-trail - Brochure by E-graphics communications says, The X-Trail has been winning the hearts of young people in Japan who love outdoor sports. This time the vehicle has undergone <Cropped>

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Sbid Interior Design Student Competition: Get Me 2 The Top 2019

Sbid’s Get Me 2 The Top Student Competition Was Developed to Find Talented First-and Second-year Design Students, Offering The Opportunity to Win 3-month Internships At Leading London-based Design Studios

Sbid’s get me 2 the top student competition was developed to find talented first- and second-year design students, offering the opportunity to win 3-month internships at leading london-based design studios..

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Roomer-Corporate Identity by 12 Points

12 Points Presents The Roomer Corporate Identity

12 points, the maker of the award winning project Roomer by 12 points explains, Roomer is a new large furniture shopping mall, located almost in the centre of Moscow. Double "O" in the name "roomer" visually represents glasses (or <Cropped>

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Electric Excavator:silent Bull by Changshu Institute of Technology

Changshu Institute of Technology Shares The Silent Bull Electric Excavator

Changshu Institute of Technology, the author of the displayed work Award Winning Silent Bull Electric excavator demonstrates, The current technology is to enable lithium batteries to provide power for excavators. This electric excavator equipped with <Cropped>

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Door Handle:fusital H377 Serie Sl D. by Steve Leung Designers Ltd

Steve Leung Designers Ltd. Creates The Fusital H377 Serie Sl D. Door Handle

Steve Leung Designers Ltd., the thinktank behind the award winning project Door Handle by Steve Leung Designers Ltd. says, Traditional features are combined and restyled with contemporary aesthetic appeal. Two sources of inspiration were involved: th <Cropped>

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Tridimage's Brugal Papá Andrés Structural & Packaging Design

Tridimage Demonstrates The Brugal Papá Andrés Structural & Packaging Design

tridimage, the thinktank behind the awarded design Structural & Packaging Design by tridimage demonstrates, Brugal Papa Andrés, created for and enjoyed by the Brugal family, has never before been released for sale up to now. Only a crystal decan <Cropped>

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Limited Edition Packaging:lithuanian Vodka Original by Studio Libre

Studio Libre Illustrates The Lithuanian Vodka Original Limited Edition Packaging

STUDIO LIBRE, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning LITHUANIAN VODKA Original Limited Edition Packaging explains, The limited edition of "Lithuanian Vodka" Original is for the celebration of the arrival of spring. The ill <Cropped>

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Jewellery Collection by Ariadne Kapelioti

Ariadne Kapelioti Demonstrates The Future 02 Jewellery Collection

Ariadne Kapelioti, the project leader of the highlighted work Jewellery Collection by Ariadne Kapelioti says, Project Future 02 is a jewellery collection with a fun and vibrant twist inspired by circle theorems. Each piece is created with Computer Ai <Cropped>

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Transmitter Design Competition

Autec and Desall Invite You to Design a New Portable Wireless Remote Control For Machines and Hydraulic Cranes.transmitter Design Competition New Product Design Contest On Autec and Desall Invite You to Design a New Portable Wireless Remote C

Autec and desall invite you to design a new portable wireless remote control for machines and hydraulic cranes.Transmitter design competition new product design contest on autec and desall invite you to design a new portable wireless rem <Cropped>

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