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A mobile application, Crave provides an answer for every craving. A consolidated food service, Crave connects users to recipes and restaurants, schedules dining reservations, and offers a community where users can share their experiences. Crave features a pinboard style photo grid layout with visual content. Through minimalist design and bright colors, each screen of the interface delivers clear functionality while encouraging user engagement. Use Crave to improve one’s cooking, discover new cuisines, and become a part of a community that encourages culinary exploration and adventure.

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Ttmm-s for Fitbit Versa

Ttmm-s for Fitbit Versa app offers collection of clock faces, equipped with the weather feature, in a monthly subscription plan. The app presents clock faces in four categories: the Analogs, the Digitals, the Abstract and the Once. App has a clear view of a single clock face design together with all necessary informations on how to operate a given clock face. Clock faces have two extra views: the weather condition and the air quality view and special weather alerts. Alerts allow to be prepared for unforeseen weather conditions resulting from climate change on our planet.

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Travel Your Way

The design uses a lot of white space, it fills all the pages of the application. White space helps users isolate the right information and concentrate on the necessary actions. The design also used font contrast: simple and bold. The complexity of the design is that it was necessary to show a lot of information on tickets, in one place on the screen there is an accumulation of all the data, but the design looks fresh and not overloaded.

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Romexis 6

All-in-one ideology has always been at the core of Planmeca Romexis. Dental professionals handle many types of dental images every day. Planmeca Romexis allows working with this data simultaneously and in a single software. Planmeca Romexis 6 takes this concept even further with a completely rethought user interface, which simplifies a multitude of functionalities into an accessible and customisable system. Designed specifically with the user in mind, Planmeca Romexis 6 does not determine the workflow for the user, but allows the user to tailor it for themselves.

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Uzidata was designed in 2019, Beijing. It provides a simple but elegant solution, a dashboard that delivers information and analytics, for the blockchain community and crypto-fanatics. Uzidata collects the first-hand market information and integrates them. The dashboard crawling news from different news media to distill data into the necessary pieces of information relevant to each user. This provides greater clarity in receiving information effectively.

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Akbank Qms

Queue Management System is a design that enables the users who want to receive service from Akbank branches to introduce themselves with personal information or alternative methods and to take priority tickets. The flow of giving the ticket number to the user starts when the one chooses the type of transaction he / she wants to do. The ticketing is a flow that begins with the introduction of the user through the kiosk. After the one introduces himself / herself, the verification process is performed and an appropriate ticket is issued according to the user's transaction.

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