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Vestel Evin Akli

Evin Akli which is a mobile application and Television application developed for users to control and monitor their connected home appliances remotely anytime. Thanks to the similarly designed interface and experience design, learning to use and control the newly added devices takes short time for users. Architecture of Evin Akli mobile app supports to add new devices, functions and features with its flexible structure open to development.

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VFit+ well-being application aims to control integrated Vestel's smart devices. It displays the data received and provides data support to the users according to their own preferences. VFit+ app is designed to track users' personal daily activity, body composition, heart rate, sleep quality, and water consumption. Users can motivate themselves by sharing their activity with others. VFit+ aims to introduce some challenges to create more engagement between users and bring communities together.

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Smart Center

Smart Center mobile app provides users to control remotely connected WIFI-enabled, smart Vestel televisions. With the help of Smart Center, information about program broadcasting and program details are always at hand. Users can also record broadcast programs to watch later, set reminders for programs, and share content on their mobile phones with their TVs. Users will be able to follow their TV routines and favorite channels and programs and more easily while they are controlling their TVs.

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Ionia is a mobile e bike application where e bike users can check current data from the battery and solve battery related problems remotely without going to the service which first main purpose. Apart from the service features, we have introduced Ionia as an e bike sports application which makes many functional features related to the battery accessible in daily life with a user friendly interface.

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Drive Green

Drive Green was designed to improve charging experience of electric vehicle users. It aims to offer electric vehicle users a more comfortable charging experience with functions such as starting / ending the charging process without needing to be near your vehicle. Drive Green provides to users who use clean energy with its easy and interactive use. It aims to help reducing environmental pollution and carbon emissions with an easy reach to electric vehicle chargers.

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Duxiaoxiao, with an appearance of digitalized human, is a new generation of AI digital assistant. Through AI technology, she possesses the thinking, expression, emotion, and learning abilities like a human being. By communicating with users, she will gradually develop different personalities and constantly understand users’ preferences. Such anthropomorphic interaction can bring a relaxing experience of acquiring structured information and knowledge and an emotional interactive companionship to users.

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