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Code Titanium Alloy

The Code Titanium Alloy tells the time by conveying a feeling of the combination of postmodernism and futurism. It renders a metal looking material, meanwhile, uses the variety of dots and patterns as a metaphor not only to keep the layout organized, but also to be a dominant way for the futuristic style. The inspiration is from the material: titanium alloy. Such material conveys the sense of future as well as the elegance. Besides, as the material of a watch face, it suits both business and casual purpose very well.

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The English Numbers

A natural way to read time. The English and numbers go together, form a futuristic look and feel. The layout of the dial let user gets the information on battery, date, daily steps in a quick way. With multiple colour themes, the overall look and feel is suitable for both casual looking and sporty looking smart watches.

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Vestel Huddle meets the necessary needs of the users by organizing pre-meeting, during meeting and post-meeting activities and gathering all the contents together. While meeting room solutions on the market are only product-oriented, Vestel Huddle is solution-oriented and assumes a task organizing role for corporate companies by consisting various product and app functions. The focus enhancer interface design that plans meeting flow processes allows users to save time with creative point of view.

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Visuals team designed and created a multimedia space for the museum. We came up with the idea of an interactive space, designed installations, architectural plan, technical solutions and visual content, configured and launched the interactive space. Using architectural shapes, we transformed installations into art objects. Constructions are made of artificial stone and perfectly fit the museum space.

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Totetsu Training Institute

The client, founded at the request of the former Ministry of Railways to maintain and reinforce Japan’s rail system, is a general construction company with far-reaching expertise in the field of rail-related construction. The designer Takuya Wakizaki, the founder of MOTIVE Inc., created a wayfinding system for the institute, which the client built to develop human resources. For the design motif, the designer used rail lines-the core identity of the client. Through the design, the designer strove to create a space that would help trainees feel a sense of pride in their work.

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NewDays is a cross-platform product for the new normal work environment. The manner in which teams communicate and collaborate has changed since the pandemic began. The absence of physical interaction has left employees more disconnected than ever. As a result, managers face the challenge of leading a team in a completely virtual setting. NewDays provides managers with the necessary tools to help maintain team morale, oversee performance, identify problems flagged by members, and orient new employees. Multiple design iterations and in-depth research developed the UX/UI of this product.

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